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2024 JV Schedule and Results

Tues. Feb. 6 Meadowcreek B: 5:00pm Meadowcreek W: 4-1 Benedikt Rohrmeyer
Mon. Feb. 12 Woodward G: 8:00pm NDS W: 3-0 Vivian Connolly
Sat. Feb. 17 Mt. Vernon G: 10:00am NDS W: 3-2 Talia Rubel
B: 11:30am
W: 7-1 Alex Torres
Wed. Feb. 21 Marist G: 4:30pm Marist D: 1-1 Sadie Holtzman
Thurs. Feb. 22 Marist B: 4:30pm Marist L: 0-1 Oliver Pratt
Sat. Feb. 24 Lakeside G: 10:00am Adams W: 1-0 Sloane Drummond
B: 12:00pm L: 0-1 Will Hageman
Wed. Feb. 28 Tucker G: 5:30pm NDS W: 3-0 Aubri Stephenson
B: 7:00pm W: 1-0 Benedikt Rohrmeyer
Thurs. Feb. 29 Lovett G: 5:00pm Lovett L: 0-1 Zoe McNeil
Mon. Mar. 4 West Forsyth G: 6:00pm West Forsyth W: 3-0 Vivian Connolly & Audrey Thatcher
Weds. Mar. 6 Midtown G: 5:30pm NDS W: 2-1 Sadie Holtzman
B: 7:00pm D: 0-0 Benedikt Rohrmeyer
Fri. Mar. 15 Holy Innocents' G: 5:30pm NDS L: 0-1 Celia Grande-Omiatek
B: 7:00pm No Game
Mon. Mar. 18 Starr's Mill G: 6:00pm Starr's Mill L: 0-1 Abigail Mueller
B: 7:30pm W: 5-0 Mason Harter
Wed. Mar. 20 McNair B: 5:30pm McNair W: 8-0 Emmanuel Smith
Tues. Mar. 26 Riverwood B: 6:00pm Riverwood D: 1-1 Rowan Smith
Wed. Mar. 27 Pace Academy G: 5:30pm NDS No Game
B: 7:00pm W: 2-0 Brayan Maldonado
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